My Recipes

Oh, I am so happy that you are interested in my recipes! I love to cook and bake all kinds of yummy things to keep my big family well-fed on a frugal budget. My recipes are my own creations, or are my personally tweaked adaptations of common or family recipes that I have adjusted to suit my own crew's tastes and preferences throughout my many years in the kitchen.

Some of my recipes are plant-based and some older posts mention my former vegan lifestyle... I am no longer vegan, but we still enjoy many of the delicious foods that I learned to make when I was.

I often use at least half home-ground whole wheat flour and minimize sugar and salt when I cook and bake, I tend to put ground flax seeds in almost everything, and I prefer to use wild game meat and homegrown and local ingredients as much as possible.

Even better if we manage to produce some of those ingredients on our own homestead!

And I also use processed and convenience foods occasionally and some of my recipes contain packaged ingredients and white flour and lots of sugar. Nobody at my house wants to eat unsweetened whole grain cookies anymore. {smile} Some of my oldest recipes are like that, though... so if that is what you like, enjoy!

Since I am blessed to cook for a large family that does not have any food allergies or sensitivities, the *only* food rule I follow these days is that what I make has to be tasty! Most of my recipes feed a crowd and are easy to make. All have been tested in my simple homestead kitchen and approved by my tribe. And this truly is humble home cooking... nothing too fancy, and we think it is all quite delicious.

All of the recipes on Happy Gentle Homestead are listed in no particular order below, with a link to the recipe post beneath its image. I do hope you enjoy all of them that you try! 🌻 

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