An ordinary bread baking day, it was. I usually make a four to five loaf batch of light wheat sourdough bread each Monday. There are *so* many Challah recipes and braiding techniques I want to try, but yesterday I simply saved back enough of my regular bread dough so I could practice another four-strand braid.

I made my strands of dough a bit longer and narrower this time, and braided them a little tighter. It was a good technique for me, I think I will keep with that method. Once I had the loaf braided, I realized that we had not a single egg in the fridge for me to brush on top. Not one. My older kids were bringing some home from the store (they had gone to town to do the week's grocery shopping) but my bread would be ready for the oven before they returned.

So I had another of my boys make a quick jaunt out to the chicken coop to see if one of our hens had perhaps laid an egg in spite of the cold weather. He discovered one. Just one, but it was all that I needed. {smile}

And my boy also excitedly reported that the big herd of elk that has been in our vicinity was crossing our back pasture and many of them were right next to our fence.

We bundled ourselves up in coats and scarves and shawls and mittens (the temperature has been near zero (F) for a few days) and went out to the deck to see the magnificent herd. Oh my, what a blessing! And at about the same time as the excitement of all that had passed, the kids returned from town with our groceries *and* my braided bread was ready to come out of the oven.

Such a lovely, ordinary day it was... I am so thankful for our simple homesteading life.

shalom and blessings,

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