so many elk

My dear hubby and I had been sipping our morning coffee and discussing the upcoming day, while keeping an eye on two very fluffy songbirds that were making use of our feeder during the subzero temperatures of the morning.

I stood up from my chair and glanced out the other window and whoa! what an unexpected thrill! A large herd of elk was in the neighboring pasture. They likely came down from their usual mountaintop range due to the weather. I hurried to wake up the kids so they, too, could see the awesome surprise.

We often see elk across the way, but to have them so close was quite a treat. All of these images were taken from our deck and yard ~

My hubby counted about two hundred elk in the bunch.

There were a few bulls amongst the many cows. The largest we saw was a 6 x 6. So majestic!

After awhile, the lead cow started walking up-country and the rest of the herd followed behind. They eventually stopped and rested for awhile on the hillside that I can see out our kitchen window, and then the snowfall became too heavy to see them... the herd had moved on by the time the snow lifted.

But today, those elk are back! What a blessing it is to see them again. I do hope they will stick around for awhile. And I hope you enjoyed seeing these wildlife visitors to our Montana farm... I love them so much!


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