birthday scarf {crochet}

Howdy, friends! You all know how much I love sharing with you my finished projects, yes? Well, this is a rather *special* one... it is the birthday scarf I made for our son's thirtieth birthday!

I used a skein of the acrylic yarn that another of my boys gave me for my own birthday in January. So this scarf was full of prayers for the birthday boy and gratitude for the gifted-to-me yarn. Oh, the many blessings of homemade and handcrafted gifts... stitched brimful of love and prayer they are.

I made the scarf nice and wide... and the pattern is alternating single crochet and double crochet, with each next row having a single crochet stitch above a double and then a double crochet stitch above a single. If you crochet, I think you will know what I mean by that. {smile} I used my size L hook so the lovely texture has a nice drape to it.

It was fun to use the cake mix box that I sent along with the scarf as a measuring tool for the yarn I cut for the fringe...

And it was a nice touch to add the fringe, I think. I asked another of our boys if he would want fringe on a scarf and he said yes, so... fringe was added, and so was a hug.

The box of birthday goodness made it to its destination in time for the big day. So glad I was! And what a blessing it is to reach the milestone of being the mama of a thirty-year-old. How is our baby boy thirty? It reminds me to treasure even more these happy-busy days of homeschooling and homesteading and raising the rest of our little and not-so-little ones.


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