A Grateful Heart

:: from this week's snowshoe walkabout around the homestead ::
Shalom! We are cuddled near the fire on this blustery day at our place... outdoors, the wind is howling and the snow is blowing about, piling into drifts here and there. Our barnyard critters are well-stocked with extra hay in their cozy shelters and the older boys carried buckets of hot water to them this morning. Brrr!

This week I had time to work on my Hebrew studies *and* I was able to hide another section of Psalm 119 in my heart. Now I need to review verses 1-72 and keep going. I have learned to be gentle with myself in the area of achievement... such a perfectionist and goal-setter I quickly become if I don't stay aware of my tendency to overdo and subsequently allow the good to distract me from the best.

I initially began learning the Hebrew language in July of 2016... it has, over these past few years, sparked in me a great interest in Israel, and a love for the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah. The Lord has given me an appreciation for the Hebrew/Jewish roots of my faith and it is bringing out an increasingly Messianic tone in my life and worship (as a born-again Gentile Christian) that I find to be quite a blessing. My dear hubby is profoundly encouraging and supportive of it all... God is so good!

So I have been listening to many online sermons, lately. Not only from the wonderful Messianic Jewish synagogue that I love, but also from my very favorite Bible-believing church (Jon Courson's fellowship in Oregon) and the messages in the Spiritual Depression series (by Jim Savastio) I am studying through, and various messages on Sermon Audio. Oh, how thankful I am for all of the edifying teachings... "Test all things, and hold firmly that which is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21 - WEB) and for God's Word and Jesus the Messiah, my Savior! {smile}

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Seeing the elk. They have moved on, but what a blessing it was to have the herd of two hundred hanging around our property for those few days earlier this week.

:: Conversations. I cherish the talks I have with my children - those grown and those yet at home - about literally anything and everything. They know they have a forever friend in their mama and I am glad to always be here for them.

:: Pumpkin spice. My dear hubby keeps tracking down the last available jugs of pumpkin spice coffee creamer (my fave next to goat milk!) and bringing them home for me to enjoy in my coffee. Oh, how my man spoils me. {smile}

:: My stay-at-homestead life... in which I help my dear hubby and teach our precious children and tend our animals and make many things from scratch... my only paycheck is hugs and kisses and it makes me rich beyond measure. The world cannot measure the kind of wealth I am so blessed to possess!


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