A Grateful Heart

Howdy to you... happy Friday... happy February! We have gusty winds and warm(ish) temperatures at our place today. My dear hubby tells me that a winter storm is predicted, so perhaps a cozy weekend by the wood stove is about to happen? For me anyway... my hubby will possibly be spending a chunk of time on his crawler keeping our driveway clear of new snow. He loves doing that.

I will likely be spending a goodly portion of the two days upcoming near the stove regardless of what the weather does... I have but this weekend to finish the scarf I am making my boy for his birthday. I need to get it finished and wrapped so my dear hubby can mail it away at the beginning of next week. That scarf (aka a hug from Mama) has to travel approximately 2381 miles before *next* weekend when our oldest child will be celebrating is thirtieth birthday. {smile}

But this afternoon found me in the kitchen. I had a few cups of apple slices leftover from a cake I made the other day, and I decided to mix up a batch of apple fritters for my crew. So I donned my apron and heated up some cooking oil in my cast iron cauldron and did just that!

They eagerly rolled the cooled-but-still-warm fritters in powdered sugar and/or cinnamon sugar and ate them up almost as quickly as I could fry them. I had to remind them to save a couple for their daddy.

This is the apple cake I made with the rest of those apples. I have become family-famous for this lovely cake, it is dense and moist and cinnamon-y and absolutely delicious!

Here are a couple snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Reading aloud to my kids. We finally finished A Christmas Carol. Onward we go with the rest of our well-begun read alouds... three books, currently.

We went back to Proverbs 1 today, as it is the first of the month. I asked my children... Do you think we should read this yet again? I have read aloud and discussed the book of Proverbs with our kids over and over again each month for twenty-two years... before these children yet at home were even born. Yes! they so wisely responded. {smile}

:: Amazing helpers. That our older children occasionally manage the weekly grocery shopping for me is *such* a blessing. Since we usually shop together as a family, they know just what to get and always stay on budget.

Time for me to skedaddle. Family fun night pizza and activities are beckoning...

shalom and blessings ~

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