Rigid Heddle Weaving Discovery

One of the ways I am putting into practice my focus word for the year :: present :: is by sorting through the cards and papers and pictures and keepsakes I have collected through the years. . .

I did the same thing a couple of years ago, and donated or gifted or discarded quite a bit of "stuff" and hand-me-downs and items that I have never missed. In fact, it has been so lovely to have in our midst fewer decorative and even functional items... to own only the things we truly like and want and use and enjoy having in our snug little home.

So my oldest at-home daughter and I spent a recent morning and afternoon strolling down memory lane together. We laughed and reminisced and discussed how quickly time passes. I saved the best pictures and tucked away a few meaningful trinkets, but mostly I discovered that I am not as sentimental over the past as I thought I was. That was then and this is now, and now is pretty fantastic. {smile}

It felt great to empty a bin of unneeded items, to carry out several bags of clutter. Now there is space to fill with better things, or to simply relish as empty space!

A few of the items we found, we chose to begin using and enjoying once again. I would rather use my things, even special things, than leave them packed away. A couple of my children are once again playing with the dolls and stuffed animals I had saved from their youngest days. I discovered two pairs of brand new bootlaces, which came at the perfect time since my dear hubby broke one of his bootlaces just yesterday. And I found a baby blanket that I made long ago on a rigid heddle loom for our boy who turned fifteen on Christmas Eve.

The woven blanket is just the right size to use as a rug in front of our wood stove! So I brought it out from storage and now it is a cheerful spot of homemade color on the floor, and a perfect place for Jack (or the cats, or even one of the kids) to soak up the cozy heat.

Being made of acrylic yarn, it may not be a very durable rug. Perhaps it will even be ruined, but that is okay. Loved ones (people *and* critters!) are so much more important than things. Lord willing, I intend to get back into weaving one day and I can always make another one.


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