of the weekend

What an unusually warm weekend it was, for January. Rather springlike, actually, with patchy drifts of snow and a bit of mud about the barnyard. We spent part of Saturday in the back pasture, checking the fence and basking in the sunshine.

One of the girls found this beautiful rock filled with sparkly white crystals as the kids explored the wide open space that is dotted with many lovely rocks and natural curiosities. So pretty!

Our menfolk fixed the broken wire that we discovered on the fence and checked that all of the posts and braces along the fenceline are secure. We fenced our property with smooth wire, but this dividing fence that was already in place when we moved to our land eighteen years ago is barbed wire with smooth wire patches. {smile}

We walked to the very back of the back pasture as we checked the perimeter, where there are some low-lying bushes stubbornly hanging onto a snow drift.

I hung the day's laundry on the clothesline to dry. The wintry fresh smell can't be achieved any other way! I have been using my clothesline quite often this winter... I like using it year-round.

And my dear hubby and I went out for a special dinner - just the two of us - to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Thirty years as husband and wife! Jack knew we were getting ready to go and tried to deter me from leaving with a kiss.

Thirty years of being the wife of my best friend, the kindest and most wonderful man I have ever known. I thank God for him everyday... what a great joy it is to be this man's love, helper, and wife; and to be the parents together of the eight children we have been blessed with. There have been many ups and downs along the way, and we have experienced them all hand-in-hand. So thankful and blessed I am.

And when we got home from our special date, we were greeted with the surprise of cupcakes! Our girls baked them for us while we were away... our oldest at-home daughter said it was our youngest girl's idea. So sweet.


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