Happy New Year

A new year, a fresh start... and a back-to-normal day it is for us as my dear hubby returned to work after a long-and-lovely stretch of days off that flew by all too quickly, and the rest of us resumed our usual rhythm of school and our ordinary tasks and routines.

I am just back inside after a short afternoon walkabout with my youngest daughter and Jack. Jack sniffed and bounded in the snow, very interested in the plentiful magpie tracks that dot the drifts in the front pasture. My little girl and I discussed her upcoming birthday, unicorns, and llamas. And I think she giggled as much as she talked... she is a true ray of sunshine, that youngest daughter of ours.

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday at our place. Our New Year's baby turned thirteen! It was the main focus of our day; making our girl feel extra special and loved, watching a movie together, eating birthday cake... and the last day of our holiday break... and here are a few snippets from our first day of 2019 on the farm.

There was a cattle drive down on the county road. One of my favorite sights!

Jack hopped into my chair, as he likes to do when it's empty. {smile} We had planned to do some birthday sledding on New Year's Day, but it was *so* cold that not even Jack wanted to spend any more time than necessary in the out-of-doors.

I currently only have a few skeins of cotton yarn in my bin, so I am using them to make some more dishcloths for my kitchen. This one is a bit larger than I usually make (I knitted fifty rows before I began to decrease) and I am going to put a single-crochet edge around it to finish it off.

Orange is my *favorite* color so this dishcloth makes me quite happy!

And though the birthday girl chose the menu for her special day, I also made an enormous batch of blackeye pea and ham soup for New Year's Day. It was delicious! And we have lots of soup leftover for tonight's supper. {smile}

joyfully ~

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