End of January on the Homestead

:: Heidi and Bonnie ::

:: atop a drift in the chicken run ::

:: contemplating her daily peckabout in the barnyard ::

:: scratching around and doing her chicken-thing ::

:: those happy ducks of ours ::

:: a cow-kiss from my sweet Matilda ::

:: Jack... such a handsome fella my best friend is! ::

Unusually warm, for the most part. And icy... the pastures and barnyard are a splotchy array of ice and snow and dirt and dry grass. There are drifts of snow about, some rather towering, but not so much snow that we are digging out pens and gates for our critters. And January comes to a fairly quiet end on our homestead.

This is the time of year that we shift into maintenance-mode for our out-of-doors homesteading tasks. Daily chores are tended to, weekly tasks (such as cleaning coops and outbuildings) are done, but not many - if any - extra projects are often happening this time of the year on our farm.

All of our farm critters are ageing gracefully... the goats, chickens, ducks, Shadow, and Matilda. All of our barnyard inhabitants are rather advanced in age, or at least a bit past what would be considered their prime. So we treat them as the well-loved pets that they are as we talk about and pray for and make plans to increase our flocks and herds and home food producing endeavors, Lord willing, in coming months.

Peep, peep goes my imagination as I dream of getting more chicks in the spring. {smile}

But for now, we wait and enjoy this (so far) mild winter on the mountain. Cozy, contented evenings around the wood stove... knitting, eating popcorn, reading. Ah, the simple joys of January.


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