baking and making

A four-strand braided sourdough loaf. I have been practicing my bread-braiding using my regular bread dough recipe.

The results. Quite well-risen, though it lost a bit of the braid definition in baking. This is the amount of dough I usually use for two sourdough loaves baked in standard loaf pans. It was delicious!

I finished three diagonal knit dishcloths. These are all knitted up to a row containing fifty stitches before I begin the decrease. I *love* the larger size. I kept two of them for my kitchen and gave one dishcloth to one of our girls for her hope chest.

And after the knitting is finished, I insert my crochet hook into the last stitch left on the knitting needle and do a row of single crochet around the dishcloth edge. I really like the finished look of it, and it uses up all but the last tiny bit of the size of cotton yarn skeins I have. No leftovers! {smile}

I am making a wide crochet scarf with one of the skeins of acrylic yarn that one of my boys gave me for my birthday. It is simply alternating stitches of single and double-crochet, but doesn't it look fancy? Such a lovely texture.

*If* I finish it in time, I may send it off to another of our boys for his upcoming birthday. He lives in a warm place but it still gets chilly upon occasion. And I like the idea of sending my boy a scarf to wrap around himself as a thirtieth birthday hug from his mama.

And here are my very first tatting stitches! I have mastered the double stitch technique - though I do need lots of practice and I am an absolute beginner - and *that* feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating.


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