Another Shawl {and a grateful heart}

Howdy and happy Friday to you, from our windy and wintry homestead! Our mountainside property is its usual January mix of towering drifts and bare spots of ground as the wind has done its job of moving and melting much of our Christmas snow.

Things are back to normal around here, after our long holiday staycation. We resumed our homeschooling activities this week, with refreshed enthusiasm all around. I am so happy to be reading aloud to the kids again each day... I have really grown to treasure those regular moments together throughout my twenty-one years (and counting...) of homeschooling our tribe.

We have several books going right now, in addition to our daily reading in the Bible. We decided to finish A Christmas Carol, though I have read it aloud before and didn't quite get through it before Christmas this year. I am re-reading the Little House series so my youngest children will experience it, and I am reading for the first time Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone aloud to the kids. And my younger girls and I are savoring our way through Beautiful Girlhood, slowly.

Did I mention that I *love* reading aloud to my crew? {smile}

And, I have a finished crochet project to show you today. I am calling it *Another Shawl* because I make so many shawls, and I am quite pleased with it . . .

I didn't use a pattern, I simply started at the bottom of the triangle and increased each row until it was the size I wanted. Then, I added a half-double crochet stitch around the edge. Simple indeed.

What I especially love about this shawl is that the "fiesta" colored acrylic yarn that I used to craft it is laden with a blend of my very favorite bright and cheerful colors. It makes me happy just to look at it!

I have been wearing it lots - my preference has shifted from slipping on a jacket when I am chilly to wearing one of my many handmade shawls - and it kept me nice and warm when I wore it as a scarf and headwrap during a homestead walkabout with my little girl and Jack yesterday...

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Bible study. We got one of our boys a new study Bible for his recent birthday, and it prompted him to invite me to participate in some studies that he is putting together and leading with the help of his new Bible's notes and resources. How lovely, yes?

:: Ten. Speaking of birthdays, we have *another* one in our family this weekend. One of our girls will be ten years old. The celebrations continue!

:: Resolutions. My one and only specific New Year's Resolution for 2019 was to drink more water. My goal is to fill up my cute, big portable cup three times daily. So far, I have met my goal each day. Yay! 😇

:: Twinkly lights. We have our Christmas tree and decorations packed away until next year, but we decided to leave up for now the strands of lights that we draped around the house. I am glad we did, they do add a fun and festive touch to an ordinary day.

I wish you a cup brimful of blessings and gratitude where you are, friends. God is so good!

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