A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! Winter has returned to our homestead... it finally feels like January, I think. We have lots of fresh snow on and around our property. So lovely it is! The critters are warm and cozy, and the chickens are still laying for us the occasional egg. Good things, those.

We took some time one afternoon this week, amidst our homeschool activities and farm chores and daily tasks, to get outdoors and simply enjoy the wintry day. I had my dog, Jack, and the kids had their sleds and we walked and raced on the long, hilly driveway and played in the pasture together.

As it began to get dark and we returned to the house, we spotted a delivery truck coming up the county road and I was quite thrilled because I knew the tatting shuttles and crochet thread I treated myself to were onboard. {smile}

The delivery man left my things with our kind neighbor who brought them over (no way was that big brown truck going to make it up our driveway with this snow!) and after supper I found some online tutorials and figured out how to wind my tatting shuttle and also learned how to do the double stitch.

And just like that, a new hobby is born into my life. *Squee!* I am dreaming of making tatted snowflakes and crosses and bookmarks and doilies and maybe even tatted lace to sew along the edge of my headcoverings. Wouldn't that be pretty?

My hands are kinda sore and my mind is a wee bit overwhelmed from this new crafty endeavor, but I am going to keep practicing. I taught myself to knit and sew and weave and crochet and cook and bake and so on... {praise the Lord for instructional books and tutorials!}, so I think I will get tatting figured out, too, in time, Lord willing. Perhaps I will have some progress to share with you soon, tatting stitches are so very tiny, we'll see how it goes.

Here are a few more tidbits from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: A short run. Which led to another one on the next day. And just like that, I am running again and loving the way it makes me feel. I am running slowly, indoors, and just for fun. Which is just the way I like it these days. This plus-size mama has *no* weight loss goals... none. I couldn't be happier or more at peace with my size as it is and it is *bliss* to run in this bigger, jiggly body. So grateful for recovery and good health and self-acceptance and the blessing of joyful movement I am!

:: More counter space. Actually, my infatuation with my 10-quart instant pressure cooker has fizzled. I was always a bit nervous around it, though I enjoyed its convenience, for the year I used it regularly. And recently (the last time I used it) the cord apparently got hot enough (somehow) to melt itself and get stuck in the appliance. That was the final impetus I needed to retire my pressure cooking endeavors for good. That pressure cooker is gone and I will not be replacing it. I have joyfully dusted off my trusty 7-quart slow cooker and am quite peaceful and pleased about that decision. I perhaps will pick up a second slow cooker... this big tribe of mine has pretty much outgrown the 7-quart size!

:: An enduring anniversary bouquet. Though our thirtieth wedding anniversary was eleven days ago, the beautiful flowers my dear hubby gave me are still looking pretty good atop our piano. The rose wilted and a few of the other flowers have been winnowed out, but overall their beauty endures! What a treat it has been to have a bouquet last for so long.

:: Online sermons. Oh, how I treasure the wonderful teachings and Godly pastors that I listen to and learn from each week! I am still working my way through the series about spiritual depression... I am on message number nineteen of a thirty-one part series. I have learned so much about the topic of depression, the power of the thought life, and the goodness of the Lord. God has used (and is using) this series to rid me of the residual anxiety and depression that lingered after my ed recovery... anxiety and depression that came from ruminating on past hurts and disappointments and hanging on to things that I have since laid at the feet of the Lord and been freed from forever. How wonderfully amazing, yes? God is so good, good, good!

"I love you, Yahweh, my strength." Psalm 18:1 {WEB}

Thank you for coming by my blog, friends. I wish you abundant joy and a cup brimful of gratitude where you are.

Shalom and blessings ~

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