A Grateful Heart

"Mama, that's your buck!" was the happy announcement made by one of my boys as we paused from our homestead walkabout to view a herd of mule deer that had meandered across our back pasture and grazed in the field next to our property...

Oh my, it was the buck I watched last spring and summer! He is easily recognizable by his 3 x 4 point antlers and his split ear. The joy! I raised my hands to Heaven and thanked God for the blessing of seeing "my deer" once again. I am so thankful that he still resides upon (or visits) this mountain.

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: Afternoon walks. Our January weather has been quite warm(ish) and the sun has been shining and the kids and I have been spending daily time in the out-of-doors soaking it in.

:: Using my clothesline. I love hanging the freshly laundered clothing on the line in the winter time. There is such an icy wintry blueness to the sky and a crisp freshness to the air. Today, I listened to my hens softly cackle to one another as they pecked about the barnyard nearby.

:: Fresh eggs. We have gotten three lovely large brown eggs from our chickens so far this week. Not bad at all for this time of the year, especially from my ageing flock of seven.

:: Reading... I finished My Dear Hamilton this week. I am mere pages away from finishing The Four Million (I have really enjoyed all of O. Henry's stories that I have read). And I am also nearly finished with a book of poetry that I have been savoring. Poetry thrills me; the way the words weave together in such wonderful ways. I am re-reading The Imitation of Christ and also reading that book aloud to my children, along with our other read alouds. So many books . . . {smile}

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends. I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude where you are.


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