30, 50, and a grateful heart

And the three-month-long flurry of regular birthdays and holidays to celebrate has come to its lovely end at our place this week with our thirtieth wedding anniversary on Monday and my fiftieth birthday yesterday!

Whew... all of the love and goodness and attention I have received these past few days makes me feel like a cherished queen. So grateful I am. What a week!

My fiftieth birthday was a quiet family celebration, just what I wanted. All of us stayed up until midnight on the eve of my birthday to watch Mama turn fifty... what fun it was, and a rather big deal for me. I don't see midnight very often by choice anymore.

Though my dear hubby had to work, all of our children were here in one way or another during the day for my birthday. The six of our children who live at home were here, of course, and our grown daughter who lives in a nearby town came home for the day with her dog (that I love so much) Juno.

She offered to bring birthday lunch, so we enjoyed the clam chowder and pumpkin pie that I suggested. Those things sounded good, and they were.

And... though he wasn't able to fly home for my birthday (understandably)... our grown son that lives across the country made time in his day to video chat with me. So I got to have a cup of coffee with my boy on my birthday after all, and all eight of my kids were together with me at once, in the only way possible, but all together in one place nonetheless. God is so good!

One of my girls baked me a carrot cake, complete with frosting carrots...

And though I was planning to use the rest of the candles from our recent birthdays - three others in our tribe celebrated a birthday in this past month - my dear hubby stopped by the store to pick up number candles so my cake could proudly display the half-century birthday at hand.


The gifts I received were so thoughtful. One of my teen boys got me two skeins of yarn. Several of my children bought me candy, mostly my favoritest peanut butter cups.

And two of my girls and my dear hubby each got me a lovely headcovering...

It delights me to think of my dear hubby choosing a beautiful headcovering for me. He knows I wear it to honor him and the Lord, a symbol of submission and femininity, and how much it blesses me to do so. And to think of him choosing this maroon colored one with lace, well, that just tickles me.

Lovely, lovely days they were, our anniversary and my birthday. Good times, good memories.

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: 63 pounds. That is how much my Labrador Retriever "puppy" weighed when he had a checkup and vaccinations at the veterinarian this week. What a big boy my Jack is. The veterinarian pronounced him to be in excellent health and proclaimed that Jack is a solid block of muscle. I believe it.

:: Reading. This week, I finished The Four Million (O. Henry) and the book of poetry I have been reading. I am still reading The Imitation of Christ privately, and also aloud to my kids. In my Bible, I am in 1 Samuel and John. I started a book that a play I enjoy is based on... but most of my reading has been gathering information about the old-fashioned art of lace making. I am thinking about giving it a go!

:: Togetherness. Our daughter who works away from home had this whole week off from work. It was just like old times and we both loved it so much!

:: That buck. The mule deer known as "Mama's buck" has been hanging around our property all week, along with a herd of does and a couple of smaller bucks. How lovely to enjoy their company.

:: Contentedness. I would love to get more goats, but we haven't come across any that are a good match for our homestead. I'm itching to make cheese... and to get back into soapmaking. But there are only so many hours in a day. I love what I have now and while *lots* of things interest me, I don't need any of them to make me happy. The joy and contentment that lives within my heart is from Jesus the Messiah and is not affected by outward things. {smile}

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends... and for your visits to this one, and this one too. I hope you enjoy their new looks, I had so much fun making new headers and giving each of my blogs a wee makeover as a birthday gift to myself. I am so thrilled to be fifty!

I wish for you a cup brimful of gratitude and blessings...

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