End of December on the Homestead

End-of-the-month (and year!) greetings from our happy gentle homestead to you, friends. It is a frigid day at our place - only 5 degrees (F) when we first checked the outdoor thermometer this morning - and the sky is a clear icy blue and the ground is white with snow for as far as I can see.

We have been watching a large herd of elk on the hillside across the way this week. It was snowing when I took these pictures for you, but I think you can make them out fairly well...

How blessed we are to see elk from our place! It is a wonderful privilege that we do not take for granted, especially since our area seems much less rural than it once did and is getting more and more built up with homes... activity that may eventually cause much of the wildlife to move on.

For this last homesteading review post of the year, I have decided to go through and choose a post from each month of 2018 to revisit...

January: Making Friends
The first introduction of Jack and Matilda. My two best animal friends took to each other right away, and have become true barnyard buddies this year.

February: My First Home Sewn Prairie Skirt
I still have that skirt in my wardrobe and wear it often. My fingers are itching to sew more of my own clothes again... long skirts and modest jumpers, especially! Perhaps I will find the time to do so next year. {smile}

March: Over They Go
Watching deer outside the kitchen window. I *love* the wildlife that we so often see on and around our mountainside farm.

April: Simple Crocheted Dish Scrubbers
A simple tutorial for you... I just made another dish scrubber earlier this week. They are the best, I think, for washing dishes by hand. I like them even better than the scrubbers I used to make with recycled onion bags.

May: Little Foxes
It was so fun to keep an eye on the fox family that lived up the road from us last summer. I am really hoping they will be back to inhabit the log pile in the spring.

June: Weekend Goodness
Just an ordinary weekend on the farm. Moments of our simple life and homesteading adventures.

July: Handknit Graduation Shawl
The shawl I made for our daughter's homeschool graduation.

August: Homemade Sourdough Bread With Homegrown Grain
How thrilled I was to have some homegrown grain to use in my bread baking! A long-time homesteading hope and dream of mine, it was... so thankful!

September: Archery Season
What fun our big family had with our homestead archery range last fall.

October: One Year Old
Jack turned one in October. Oh, how I love love love that dog of mine.

November: Thanking God for His Faithful Provision
One of the many, many times the Lord gave us just what we needed at the perfect time. God is so good!

December: Simply Christmas
A few of the simple decorations and traditions of our family's holiday celebration.

Thank you for visiting my blog and following our family's homesteading adventures, friends. All of the monthly updates for 2018 can be viewed here, in case you missed one.

I love fresh starts and new beginnings, and I am quite looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our big family and farm in 2019. I trust that whatever it will be, it is for our good and His glory. Wishing you love, peace, and blessings in the new year...


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