A Grateful Heart

:: pretty flowers on display ::
Winter begins with a fresh skiff of snow on our homestead. Just enough to turn the landscape white, but not enough to affect our ability to do chores fairly easily (to the kids' and my delight) or to drift across our long, winding driveway (to my dear hubby's relief).

My youngest boy told me he prayed for snow last night. He had heard me say that I hoped for a white Christmas... how thrilled he was to see the answer to his prayer covering our property this morning. {smile}

:: my best friend in his usual spot by my side ::
I am about ready for Christmas, I think. I have a few gifts left to wrap, but my hubby offered to help me with that. This week, we purchased our traditional bake-at-home pizzas and lots of extra toppings and snack-y foods to enjoy on Christmas Day.

And we have a Christmas Eve birthday to celebrate, too. One of our boys will be fifteen! He requested sour cream chicken enchiladas for his birthday meal... on Monday, we will set aside our Christmas focus for a bit and make sure that our boy has a great birthday.

:: homemade ornaments ::
In lieu of listing snippets of gratitude this week, I want to share with you the story of one of the kindest and sweetest gifts I have ever received...

It has been a long time since our big family was all together in one place. Our grown son lives way across the country and isn't able to come home often. And when discussing my upcoming fiftieth birthday, I told one of our older girls that all I wanted for my birthday was to have a cup of coffee here at home with that grown son... for our whole tribe, the ten of us, to be together for the day on the family homestead.

Unbeknownst to me, that conversation prompted my daughter to attempt to make arrangements for that to happen. She contacted her far-away brother and let him know the plan she had put together to make it work.

There were text messages and conversations between them. Discussions about a plane ticket and vacation days from work. But he can't come for lots of reasons. I do understand... it simply isn't practical... it isn't going to happen.

I was, admittedly, kinda sad at first. I didn't even know about all of this until it was over, so I had to deal with the surprise of the plans and initial disappointment of knowing it wasn't to be all at once. Sure, I would have loved to have him here, to have had that cup of birthday coffee with my boy...

But I am so glad he has his own life and a good job and obligations that he loves where he is. He was so brave to pursue his dream of moving across the country in his twenties and now he is all grown up and independent and doing quite well... exactly what a mama hopes for, yes?

And then, I felt so loved as I pondered my family, especially my nineteen year old girl, trying to orchestrate a surprise visit from her grown-up brother to give me what I said I wanted. An impractical, expensive, whirlwind trip home just for Mama's birthday. Her attempts are one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts I have ever gotten indeed. It really, truly is the thought that counts...

God is so good! I have everything I need, much of what I want, and I am utterly content and oh-so grateful.


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