A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, dear friends. Whew... Jack and I are just back from a windy walkabout in the pasture. The sun was just going down and the moon is in the sky. So pretty! But the chilly wind hustled us right along and made me wish I had remembered to don a pair of leggings under my long skirt before we left the house. {smile}

This was a good day at our place. We had a slightly lighter school day. That is something I like to do on Fridays whenever possible. It is nice to use the day to catch up on projects and assignments, and to get all of my record keeping for the week done before the weekend.

Our adult daughter surprised me by coming by the homestead with her dog this afternoon. We had coffee and chatted while I mixed up and baked a batch of spice cookies for our family fun night dessert later tonight. Simple pleasures of an ordinary day, for which I am thankful.

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Holiday preparations. What fun it has been this week to listen to Christmas songs, watch seasonal movies, read aloud from A Christmas Carol, bake things, and wrap presents. My dear hubby mailed the present-filled packages I needed to get sent off to far away places, too!

:: Advent. Such a blessing it is, amidst the fun of all those just mentioned activities, to daily read together and pray and meditate on our wonderful Savior. The stories and Bible truths are so familiar, yet beautiful and fresh each time we have our readings and discussions.

:: Mule deer in the freezer. Our teen boys got the mule deer processed earlier this week. So thankful we are for the hunting season harvest our menfolk brought home this year... about 42 pounds of wild game meat altogether.

... Our son who harvested that mule deer had missed a few shots in previous hunting trips and was feeling a bit anxious before that hunting excursion, concerned he might miss again. We discussed it, and I tried to encourage him... and off they went, the boys and their daddy.

I was home, waiting and wondering how they were doing at the hunting site. At 4:44 p.m. (I looked at the clock) I felt a strong prompting to pray for my boy's hunting success. That he would be calm and confident and safe, and trust in his abilities. So I did.

Seven minutes later, my boy (the one that I had just prayed for) called to excitedly tell me the news. He had harvested a deer a few minutes before! I told him how I had been praying for him at that very moment and we both marveled at the timing of it all... God is so good! Never stop praying.

Wishing you a cup brimful of gratitude and goodness where you are.

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