A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. Mmm, it smells *so* good at our place right now... the lingering pine scent from the candle I burned earlier today mingling with the cinnamon of the pine cones in my basket atop the piano and the soup I made for our lunch. The pizza crusts for tonight just came out of the oven and my bread is baking. It blends together with the seasonal scents so nicely!

Next, I am going to mix up some white cookies and get them baked so we can decorate them with frosting and Christmas-y sprinkles for our family fun night activity later tonight. And then I suppose it will be time to get our homemade pizzas in the oven.

We got so much done around the house today. Homeschooling and daily tasks and more! My oldest at-home daughter was off work so together we cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. We washed cupboards and cleaned appliances and deep cleaned carpets and even vacuumed inside the floor vents and washed the vent covers. Yes, it was a big cleaning day *and* a busy baking day, too. {smile}

Here are some of the things on my gratitude list today ~

:: The love of God. That God would shower me, a sinner, with His perfect unfailing love and matchless grace simply takes my breath away. My personal devotions and our family Advent readings have really brought my focus around to where it should be this season and always... on Jesus.

:: My big family. The time we spend together, our conversations, our adventures. I could never have guessed when my dear hubby and I became high school sweethearts so many years ago that we would be here now... happily married for almost thirty years, the parents of eight children, homesteading on a mountainside farm, debt-free, growing in self-sufficiency as God allows. Quite imperfect we are, and so thankful and blessed. Praise the Lord!

:: Jack. Oh, the joy my dog has brought into my life since he joined our family last December. He is such a good and loyal friend. I did indeed *need* that boisterous yellow Labrador Retriever.

:: Our barnyard. Matilda, the goats, our chickens and ducks, our oh-so-old miniature horse. Those very critters have been with us for years and years. Such happiness they bring to our farm and our lives. And so excited we are to add to our barnyard - our eighteen year farmiversary conversation was such a reminder to us that our animals add to our homesteading experience immeasurably.

Thank you for coming by my blog today. It brings me great joy to write and share in this space (and this one and this one) . . . I do hope that my words about our simple ordinary life somehow point my readers to God and His grace and goodness. That would make me very happy.


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