Thankful Thursday

An attitude of gratitude is something I seek to cultivate within myself and it is a habit that continues to change my life in wonderful ways. Noticing the blessings of daily life, trying to look for something good in all circumstances, and trusting the Lord's sovereignty are some of the ways I encourage happiness and contentedness to flourish in my heart no matter what the day may bring.

And November is the traditional time of year to be especially aware of thankfulness and gratitude as Thanksgiving approaches and the holiday season commences. So I think that - in addition to my weekly grateful heart series - I would like to do some extra gratitude posts this month that remind me to be mindful of and give thanks for all of the goodness in my life. {smile}

I was looking at some gratitude journal prompts online, and one that caught my attention today was to list ten things that I have now that I did not have five years ago. How fun! So I am going to begin thinking and listing and see where it goes.

Things I have now that I did not have five years ago. . .

1 - The experience of holding a snake for the first time. I felt so brave and happy when I decided to hold this harmless garter snake a few months ago. I'm not sure why it was so meaningful to me... maybe because I don't particularly care for snakes? Well, this guy changed my mind about that and I *do* like the harmless ones now.

2 - My dog, Jack. Hard to believe I have only had him since last Christmas! He has firmly established himself in our family and hearts in a pretty short time. My best friend indeed. A few of our other critter friends have been on our farm less than five years, too... my kitty Ruby, our senior cat Marvin, the parakeets, my son's frog Julien, and the current aquarium and betta bowl inhabitants. All of the rest of our barnyard critters are old-timers!

3 - A stand mixer and an enormous pressure cooker. I choose my kitchen servants carefully, I don't like having a bunch of appliances and gadgets around that I don't use regularly. But those two things are so oft-used that I don't even store them away, they are always at-the-ready on my counter.

4 - My headcoverings. While I had felt the conviction to cover niggling in my heart for quite some time, I only began wearing a Christian headcovering within the past couple of years. Now I cannot imagine being without it... the joyful submission to my wonderful hubby and the Biblical headship order that my covering symbolizes has grown quite dear to my heart. What a lovely blessing and reminder that simple piece of cloth upon my head has become in my life!

5 - Self-acceptance. Nope, I did not have it five years ago... *so* thankful that I have it now. To God be the glory.

6 - All of this gray and going-gray hair upon my head! I really like my natural hair color, I hope one day it is long and shiny-silvery throughout.

7 - My well-used and much-loved dance hoop collection. Hoopdancing, hoop flow, and taking the time to play and enjoy the day is awesome, I think.

8 - The memory of running one mile without stopping or walking. It was a life goal of mine, and I just recently did it. Yay!

9 - A smart phone. I resisted getting one for so long! I was afraid it would take over my days, that I would spend too much time staring at it. That I would have no clue how to use it. But I have grown to like my phone and I *love* that it enables me to stay close to my adult children. Worth it!

10 - The ability to speak Hebrew and ASL with increasing fluency. Through homeschooling, I did know the sign language for some simple songs, but I didn't begin studying those languages seriously until a few years ago.

Well, that was a bit of a challenge! I didn't want to focus too much on material things, but there were a few included. And I just realized that I didn't list my blogs, ha!


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