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I am at a stage of midlife in which I have become quite comfortable with who I am. Perhaps it is merely a lovely effect of growing a bit older and having a large trove of experiences to meditate upon as I watch the Lord work in my life. Becoming at ease with authenticity, outgrowing the need to fit in with the crowd or even noticing what others (besides the Lord and my dear hubby, of course) may think... I am so thankful to embrace the quirks that make me who I am right now as I strive to become all that God created me to be.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I have been deliberately focusing even more than usual on thankfulness and gratitude and my abundant blessings. This week, I spent some time exploring some questions that prompt awareness of and gratitude for ordinary things.

It was a fun and interesting process, pondering these prompts. It surprises me that my answer to simple questions about basic things sometimes requires a bit of considering. And lots of words. One word answers are not usually my thing. {smile}

What is something I love about where I live?
... In a general sense, I am definitely a Montana girl through-and-through! I love this beautiful state that has been my home for more than forty years, since I was a child. Specifically on our mountainside homestead (oh my, how could I possibly choose just one thing?) I love everything about the land... the space, the fresh air, the view, the creek, the pretty rocks, the wildflowers.

What person in my life am I grateful for?
... My amazing hubby. He means everything to me! And because of him I have eight dear children, too. And Jack, my Labrador Retriever. My beloved crew, they all are!

What books am I most grateful for?
... The Bible.
... Books that make me laugh. I loved Marley & Me.
... Classics. I especially enjoy the writings of Charles Dickens.

What is a small thing that I use daily that I am grateful for?
... Our coffeemaker.

What is my favorite kind of ice cream?
... What *is* my favorite kind of ice cream, anyway. Do I need to pick just one? {smile} My daughter and I have a goal to try *all* the flavors that our local grocer sells. Honestly, we haven't tried one yet that I didn't like. Ha! Okay, I will pick something that has peanut butter cups in it if I must choose only one. And that balsamic fig and mascarpone flavor we just discovered... yum.

What is my favorite farm animal?

... My favorite farm animal species? Oh, that's easy... goats! I love, love, love goats. Their personalities, their milk, their scent, their cuddles, all of it. But my favorite individual barnyard critter on our farm is my cow-friend Matilda - my big, beautiful Jersey cow.

What accomplishment am I currently grateful for?
... I am just about to finish an online college course! ASL 101. American Sign Language is something I am studying just because of personal interest and I *love* it, and I enjoy teaching what I know to my children.

What is my favorite thing to wear?
... My ideal outfit is a long, loose-fitting denim jumper (with pockets) over a comfy top with cute, patterned knee-high socks, a handmade shawl, and a headcovering. No jewelry except my wedding ring, and not a bit of makeup. And a spritz of essential oil spray because it smells amazing.

What is a talent I have that I am grateful for?
... Bread making. Yarn crafting. Hoop dancing. Writing. Speaking Hebrew. I am very grateful for all of my homeMaking and homesteading skills and for my hobbies; my skills and abilities (talents?) mean a lot to me since I am entirely self-taught in almost every aspect of my simple homemade life. And I am a patient person, all glory to the Lord.

What is my favorite day of the week?
... Monday. I love getting back to the familiar weekday rhythm. I love fresh starts and the gift of a new week beginning.

What technology am I thankful for?
... The Internet. It is such a blessing and important resource on our rural homestead!

What is my favorite color?
... Orange, a specific shade of autumn-orange, like a pumpkin. Followed closely by mustard-y yellow, red, and green. I like rich, bright shades and colorful things.

Pumpkin spice flavored things - yes or no?
... Yes!

Life is such a gift. God is so good! And there is always something to be thankful for. {smile}


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