November 13, 2018

Mooving Day

There is a wee drift of snow beginning to pile up in the corner of Matilda's corral. Already, we have had to dig a bit before we could get the gate opened in the mornings. Winter is coming. Some days it seems as though it has already arrived.

And the pile of ice that we have been scooping out of the back pasture's water trough is growing. Though we are able to keep the trough open, we have also begun the winter task of hauling buckets of warm water to our critters.

We decided that it is time to begin having Matilda and Shadow spend their nights and penned time in our larger fenced enclosure... their winter quarters. So when they return to the barnyard after roaming and nibbling at the dry grass amidst the snow in the upper pasture, they now discover their corral gate closed and simply wander into the adjacent pen for the evening and overnight.

That is where their hay is now. Matilda always follows her food. {smile}

Mooving day kiss!


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