Jack and other goodness

What a week full of good things it has been! Lots of snow, lots of good food, family togetherness, and Jack . . . most definitely a few of my *very* favorite things. {smile}

It was a snowy weekend at our place. And since most of our big tribe enjoyed a four-day break from work and homeschooling, we had plenty of time amidst our daily chores and doings to play outside together and put tracks in the snow all over our homestead.

Jack used up some of his endless energy to chase his ball in the yard.

My dear hubby was able to relax between the last few end-of-season hunting trips with the boys and his day-off tasks around the farm and join the rest of us for a fun walkabout in the snow.

Jack is also ever-willing to chase his smaller ball in the snow. Either one, big or small, is fine with him . . . that Jack just *loves* to play. Our friendly goats kept an eye on us, as they love to do.

Before my hubby plowed our driveway, some of the kids took advantage of the very best sledding hills around - we think! - and raced on their sleds. So fun!

What a treat this was! Our oldest at-home daughter offered to make us a fancy breakfast . . . eggs, Thanksgiving leftovers, and coffee. It was delicious and a lovely stay-at-home date for my hubby and me.

And familiar Christmas songs and piano duets are filling the air and making it seem so festive at our place! Two of the girls had a long practice session together recently, with Jack at their feet. Our piano is in our living room, right beside the kitchen, which encourages lots of practice . . . even mama is learning to play piano, when I have a chance. So glad I can read the music since I have played the flute since childhood!

Lots of goodness to think about and be thankful for! Ordinary goodness. We are blessed.


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