End of November on the Homestead

With but one day left in November, here is a look at some of this month's goings-on at our place...

Sledding! As soon as the snow flies, the wintry outdoor activities begin. The kids get out their sleds and Mama dusts off the snowshoes. Yes, homesteading and farm tending and all of the makings and doings of a simple life can be a lot of work, but we do a pretty good job of playing and simply enjoying the land that the Lord has blessed us with, too. {smile}

Here is one of our sweet goats, Coco, perched upon a rock to get a better view. I think our goats love watching us from their adjacent-to-the-yard space as much as we love watching them! (Is Coco *smiling* in that picture? Hmmm...)

One of my seven remaining hens, seemingly unsure about leaving the cozy coop. Not big fans of free ranging in the deep snow, those chickens of mine sometimes choose to stay in.

And then there were two peeking out of the open door, pondering a barnyard peck-about in the snow. They did eventually decide to hop out of the coop, but they took their time about it. {smile}

Our ducks, though, are undeterred by the weather and happy to spend a sunshine-y afternoon in their big open pen. It seems as though our ducks are filled with joy just about all of the time.

There is much to learn about happiness and contentedness and sticking together by watching our wee family of ducks. I just love them. And they do love the snow!

My cow-friend Matilda and her Shadow grazing in the snowy back pasture. She lifted her head when I called her name... likely wondering if I was offering her a treat. And how lovely those snow covered pine trees upon the mountain are, yes?

Inside... I am knitting dishcloths for holiday gifting with Christmas colored cotton yarn. So festive! I hope to make enough so that I can keep one or two for myself. Knitted dishcloths are so absorbent and my very favorite thing to use for washing dishes by hand.

And our upright freezer contains wild game meat once again. Praise the Lord for the blessing of hunting season success. One of our boys harvested an antelope and another got a mule deer. And there are still quite a few apples in the freezer alongside those packages of home-ground burger. We are thankful!

Another happy-busy (and rather snowy!) month of homesteading is nearly behind us. December, here we come!


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