November 9, 2018

A Grateful Heart

Such a wintry week it has been... a perfectly cozy week for my hubby's time off from work and our refreshing break from our regular homeschooling activities. A snowy staycation was savored and enjoyed by all! {smile}

Here are a few snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

Snowshoeing. The deep, lovely, powdery snow prompted me to retrieve my snowshoes from the depths of our closet, strap them on with my dear hubby's help in getting them adjusted, and partake in my first snowshoeing walkabout of the season.

One year! Today is the one year anniversary of my eating disorder recovery and I could not be more grateful about it, praise the Lord. And I am very excited to begin merging the Friday happiness post tradition from Run Hoop Julie with my grateful heart posts here in this space... while joyfully leaving the topic of my former long-term eating disorder and recovery behind on my blogs and in my thoughts and conversations. Onward! 

My handyman hubby. Fixer extraordinaire! He ordered the necessary part and fixed my washing machine for me this week. Good as new it is and my laundry is all caught up. Woot!

Successful harvest. One of our boys filled his antelope tag and we will once again - for the first time in a few years - enjoy the blessing of wild game meat upon our table. Oh, how happy I am about that!

I wish you a cup brimful with gratitude where you are, friends...

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