A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday evening to you, friends. Or perhaps it is already Saturday (and December!) by the time you will read this week's gratitude post here... I do believe this is the *latest* I have ever written a blog post to be published that same day! {smile}

We had a lovely family fun night of homemade pizza and putting up our Christmas tree. So many memories and stories to share as we unwrap ornaments and place them upon the branches of our artificial tree.

Oh, how I love the scent of real pine... but our artificial tree is very beautiful and works *perfectly* for us each Christmas season. We love it! We broke with tradition this year and set our tree up in our dining room, rather than the living room. It is a fun change, I think.

Our holiday decorating is rather minimal, actually. In all of our simplifying and de-cluttering we have honed our decorations and ornaments down to just the ones that we really like, and especially the ones that are handmade and crafted by the children... those are the extra-special ones. Only a few other decorations have endured for all of these years, I honestly don't miss the rest.

As I write these words, the Christmas tree is lovingly bedecked and twinkling its pretty lights beside me. This was an extra lovely family fun night.

Here are a few snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

:: All of the snow. I am enjoying the snow covered landscape, the occasional snowshoe walkabout, afternoon walks with Jack, and the crisp cold air.

:: My handyman hubby. He does so much to keep our homestead going... quite the competent do-it-himself guy, my man is. This week, he worked on his plow truck and kept the driveway clear. And indoors, he tended to a needed bathroom fix. 

:: Deer in the pasture. One of our girls looked out the window just in time to spot three mule deer right outside the yard. A buck and two does. She was excited with her discovery! 

:: Teamwork. I didn't make it to the grocery store last weekend as I had hoped to, but our girl who works in town did the shopping for me one afternoon this week after she got off work. What a blessing!

:: Peacefulness. It was *so* still and quiet when I was walking Jack in the pasture earlier today. It was lightly snowing and the only sound was our feet crunching on the ground. I purposed to abide in that moment, to soak that loveliness right into my skin. It was bliss.

:: Speaking of Jack... here he is in the dim light of a snowy afternoon, basking in the heat of the wood stove. Ah, what a good life he has. I love that dog.

Well, it is late friends. Time for me to say good-night or this will be my first post of December!


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