A Grateful Heart

Hello, friends . . . how lovely to be reflecting on this week's moments and bits of gratitude while enjoying a four-day weekend from work (for my dear hubby) and our usual homeschooling schedule (for the rest of us) and cooking (for me).

Yes, we actually have enough leftovers from our big family's Thanksgiving feast to keep mama out of the kitchen - except for tomorrow's chili making - for a couple of days. My hoped for plan has come to fruition. {smile}

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. Nine of our family of ten around our table counting our blessings and enjoying togetherness, my grand-dog Juno keeping my boisterous Jack entertained. . . food everywhere. . . regular text messages and pictures from our adult son who lives too far away to come home, but still stays wonderfully connected. Our whole family together, in a sense. It was the best we could do and it was wonderful.

And there was pumpkin pie, which makes any day an extra-good day, I think. {smile}

Here are a few recent tidbits from my ongoing gratitude list ~

Our teen boys processed the antelope that one of them was blessed to harvest during hunting season. We now have some wild game meat in our freezer for the first time in awhile, and the boys have more fond memories of hunting trips with their daddy... praise the Lord!

*homesteading plans*
I lost another of my sweet old hens this week. So now my wee flock of chickens is made up of but seven. It is always sad to lose a critter... even when they are old and die of natural causes. But such happenings prompt the discussion of future hopes, and we are planning to bring a whole bunch of baby chicks home to the farm in the spring... so exciting!

I finished another of the dishcloths that I am knitting to give as Christmas gifts. I really treasure the moments of family togetherness in the evenings, after supper and the chores of the day are done. Knitting near the wood stove, sometimes watching a movie with my tribe, perhaps listening to an online sermon or a favorite music playlist, always with Jack at my feet... bliss.

*daily walks*
Whether indoors or out, my daily walks are such a blessing to me. Walking has been a part of my life for years and years and over the past year it has become such a meditative time of self-care and joy... and now I am doing a deliberate two miles per day (along with twenty minutes of hooping playtime happiness) as I venture to my fiftieth birthday in January... run hoop 50... love!

*lesson 15*
Closer, closer I am to graduating from my ASL 101 course! The last class and test of the syllabus are behind me. The two course finals are all that remain. Oh, how far I have come (I now realize as I study and review) since the early lessons. How grateful I am for growing in my fluency and signing confidence... so pleased!

There is always something to be thankful for. It sounds odd to say it, but I am thankful that I know that in every situation there is indeed something to be thankful for. It has taught me to look for the good, to dwell on the lovely, to notice the blessings in everyday life. I am thankful for the faith the Lord has given me to simply trust Him as He guides my steps and strengthens my desire to know Him and glorify Him with my life. Jesus fills my heart with inexplicable joy and peace that is untouchable by outward circumstances, other people, or even my own thoughts. I would be so lost without Him.

My life is not perfect and I myself am such a work-in-progress. So thankful I am that I have nothing to prove and that grace isn't earned. God is in control and He is so so good... always.


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