A Grateful Heart

Another happy Friday to you, my friends. Where did this week go? {smile} Mine whizzed by as I am working to tweak our daily rhythms a bit... and I find that changes in routine and habits, while good and necessary, tend to be kind of tiring during the adjustment period.

Basically, I am looking to have a bit more structure in our days without letting that structure become a taskmaster. There is *so* much going on in this happy-busy season of our big family's homesteading life on our farm with our bustling barnyard, in our five student + mama's studies homeschool, with my dear hubby and one of our daughter's outside job schedules, and with all of the interests and activities and makings and doings amongst the eight of us.

So this week has been a good beginning to all of the shifts and tweaks as we experiment with the various aspects of our simple life. I find that parts of the day are busier than usual, but also there is comfort in knowing what to do, what to expect, and when to say enough for the day. And this adjustment in our rhythm is bringing us together to accomplish tasks and projects while also allowing free time for individual endeavors. It's all going smoothly and the feedback from my crew has been positive - so far, so good!

I have another batch of bread baking in the oven as I type these words. This is the third baking I have done this week, I am trying to get a bit ahead on bread making before the extra cooking of Thanksgiving next week. There are currently six loaves in the freezer (I bake 4 - 5 loaves at a time) so I am pleased.

Here are a few more things I am thankful for today ~

:: Deer outside the window. I enjoyed watching a wee herd of deer graze just outside our fenced yard the other day. I haven't seen "my buck" for awhile... I hope he is faring okay.

:: Online shopping. I have mentioned before that I don't particularly enjoy shopping. It wears me out. I like our local thrift store and grocery store. Craft stores - especially yarn and fabric shops - are fun to peruse. Other than that, I do my best to find what I need online. And this week, I began some online shopping for Christmas and all of our upcoming birthdays. It was so much fun and my orders are here *already.* Yay!

:: Afternoon walkabout. Right in the middle of a bustling afternoon yesterday, the kids and I took Jack for a romp in the pasture. It was so nice to get outside together and breathe deeply of the crisp autumn air.

:: My current reading. I have several books going right now - a novel (My Dear Hamilton), a book of poetry (the sun and her flowers), and a book of short stories (The Four Million)... I am also reading aloud to our children (By the Shores of Silver Lake and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) each day and doing my ongoing Bible reading (currently, I am in Joshua and Luke).

It has only been in the past couple of years that I have taken the time to read for personal pleasure and interest once again, and developed the habit of continually reading through the Bible, and I must say that in no time I have reawakened my inner bookworm! {smile} And I adore reading aloud to my children, it is one of my favorite things to do.

:: Lesson 15. The very last unit in my sign language class... I am *so* close to graduating from the online course!

:: Fresh snow. It is snowing on our homestead today. The view is wintry white and wonderful. But I actually can't see very far because of the snow coming down. I love it!

*Beep* goes the oven timer - my bread is done. Wishing you much gratitude where you are...

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