A Grateful Heart

Happy first Friday of November to you, friends. This is an exciting day at our place because we are having our annual family fun night fall party tonight! It has been planned and prepared for... there will be lots of homemade pizza and candy and games and costumes. The daily countdown to the fall party is over at last!

It has been a bustling week of preparation at our place. Not only for tonight's fall party, but we have also been finishing up some things in our homeschool so we can all enjoy a more relaxed and spontaneous rhythm during the vacation days my dear hubby is taking from work next week. He will be home with us for several days. *squee!* It will be a wee taste of working and playing together on our homestead without the obligation of outside employment. Like pioneers. I plan to savor the days!

I have been coaxing my washing machine along this week, which makes keeping up with all of the laundry our big homesteading tribe generates rather interesting! I usually do at least one load of laundry every day, often two or even three loads. One of our boys has been helping me with the task and thankfully the washer has worked for two loads today, which I am calling enough. My dear hubby has the needed part ordered and should be able to get the washer repaired next week.

Here are some tidbits from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Two parks. Last weekend, we were able to spend time at two different parks when we were out-and-about doing errands in two nearby towns. I love that we so often take the time for such slow and simple things, that we aren't usually caught up in the rush, rush, rush and consumerism of the world that is so easy to fall into.

A simple homemade life is certainly not an easy life, but we find it oh-so-satisfying. And happy-busy is busy, but rarely frantic. How lovely it is to be calmly productive and satisfied with enough. To take the time to pause to look at beautiful trees and admire ducks. . . to collect memories and experiences in the out-of-doors.

:: A glorious sunrise. Earlier this week, as I was choosing a sermon to listen to during my morning hike, the sky became a beautiful array of gold and pink and purpley-blue as the sun began to peek over the distant horizon. Just wow.

:: My dog, Jack Kelly. The one year old. He was making me laugh last night. . . I was knitting in my chair near the wood stove and Jack came over and tossed me his ball. He has this way of tossing his ball to us from his mouth, so we can pretty much play catch with him. Life on our farm is even better with Jack. I love that dog.

:: A fun photography project. My daughter and I are doing a November photo project together, taking turns suggesting prompts for the next day. I am sharing mine on my Images of a Happy Gentle Life blog all month. So far, we have each done colorful and drink. Twenty-eight more inspired images to come, Lord willing!

:: These simple snippets and happenings - ordinary days, reading aloud to my children, indulging in a few minutes of hoopdance flow in the middle of the day, listening to familiar Christmas songs and hymns being practiced on our trusty old piano, the smell of goats on my hands after chores, enough homegrown eggs to bake with, Matilda, choosing and purchasing the yarn for a new crochet project, realizing a favorite skirt has gotten a wee bit snug and accepting it as a blessing of recovery without any negative reaction or judgment, all of us together in one place - perhaps each doing our own thing, busy about our individual activities and interests - but together.

I wish you abundant gratitude where you are.

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