Traditional Crafting

It was a rather quiet weekend for me. My dear hubby and our children were so kind to keep our home and homestead running smoothly while I mostly took it easy and kept to the most basic and necessary tasks while my cold lingered.

Our oldest at-home children even did the grocery shopping for the week after I made our menu and list. We have always shopped together as a family so they had no problem at all getting everything we need for the next several days.

And they brought me a "feel better" gift... I am not sure I have gotten one of those before. {smile} It was a cute seasonal gift bag filled with peanut butter chocolate pretzels, pumpkin spice hot cocoa, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, a can of whipped cream, and a skein of kitchen cotton yarn. I thought that was so sweet!

While they were gone to town for the grocery shopping and my dear hubby and the rest of our tribe were busy about their own activities, I got myself a cup of coffee and started my Christmas crafting. It was so cozy in our house with the fire in the wood stove and the snow covered view (it has mostly melted since then) and it seemed like a good time to begin my tradition of knitted dishcloth making.

Each year I knit several dishcloths for Christmas gifting. Our adult children expect them and always tell me how much they like them, one of our girls has stashed some in her hope chest, and I like to give them to lots of other people, too.

They are such useful and frugal gifts, of course, and in my opinion much better for kitchen tasks than any store bought dishcloth I have tried. And I just like making them and giving them away!

So dishcloth number one for Christmas 2018 is well begun... in red.


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