October 29, 2018

One Year Old

Somebody very special to us had a birthday over the weekend...

My puppy is now a big boy! My sweet Jack turned one year old on Saturday. Oh how he has grown and truly become one of the family since my dear hubby surprised me with him . . . a dog of my very own! . . . last Christmas.

Remember how little seven week old Jack was when he joined our family?

:: Jack at 7 weeks old :: 
Awww! Such a sweet little Labrador Retriever he was! We all loved him immediately. And now he is *so* much bigger and even sweeter, I think. {smile}

Jack seemed pretty excited about his birthday present on Saturday. Perhaps he recalled the day before, and the family fun and presents and festivities we had for our boy's seventeenth birthday celebration? Jack was right in the middle of all of that!

And he was surely wagging his tail with enthusiasm when I set his gift next to him, as if he knew what to expect.

We got him a new collar and a polar fleece blanket for his birthday. I really like the blue collar on him and Jack *loves* his blanket. He loved and played with his old blanket until it was too tattered to keep, so I was excited to pick this one out and give it to him.

And there was one more thing... we bought him a New York steak for his birthday. It simply *had* to be a New York steak, I mean, he is named for the character Jack Kelly from a play that is based in New York City! My Jack Kelly started drooling when I cut up his steak for him. He sat perfectly still and never took his eyes off of me... and then he did enjoy every last bite of it.

Happy first birthday to my best friend and constant companion. I think he had an extra-good day. I do *love* my dog!


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