October 10, 2018

One Dozen Doings

:: Coco ::
I am...

Drinking: My third cup of coffee-with-goat-milk of the day. It won't be my last. {smile}

Eating: Nothing yet... but toasted homemade sourdough bread with honey peanut butter and a banana will be happening very soon!

Listening: The wood stove fan is whirring and our senior cat Marvin is meowing for my attention. I think he wants me to lift him up to the counter, he isn't able to leap like he used to.

Reading: The book of Numbers, in my Bible. Thieving Forest (Martha Conway), on my nightstand. By the Shores of Silver Lake (Laura Ingalls Wilder), to my kids.

Learning: I have "watch the video for current ASL class" tucked within the homeschool lesson plans on my to-do list, so that is my hoped-for accomplishment. There are only three more lessons in the syllabus before I graduate from this course (American Sign Language 1), I am hoping to finish by the end of December.

Thinking: About ordering a drop spindle and some roving fiber. My crafty interests are beginning to lean more and more toward spinning.

Admiring: The way the tiny icicles are hanging off of the bird feeder that is right outside the window. All the way around the bottom of it, forming a ring of icy points that remind me of whiskers.

Hoping: That the beginnings of a cold that I feel this morning will skedaddle rather than get worse. Mamas don't have time to get colds... right? I wish!

Hiding: A few Christmas gifts that I am quite pleased to have purchased already are tucked away in my gift bin.

Wearing: My long denim jumper layered over a blue knit shirt, and some cute purple socks. And I chose my colorful flower-patterned headcovering today.

Trusting: That if I am patient I will come across some just-right dairy goats that I have been itching to add to our wee herd so we can begin milking again. I think Coco and company would love some new friends and I would love to resume our little home dairy, Lord willing. Goat milk is my favorite.

Feeling: Content. Blessed. Thankful. God is good.

And one more to make it a baker's dozen of doings...
Wishing you a most lovely day!

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