October 1, 2018

First Snow

We awoke on Sunday to our first snow of the season on our homestead. Just a skiff, but enough to turn the barnyard white and give us a taste of the wintry months that are soon to come.

And there was snow in town, too. Our hometown is several miles away and about five hundred feet lower in elevation than our mountainside homestead and often we don't have the same weather conditions. But there was a bit of snow all around this weekend.

The colorful autumn leaves piled along the edges of the sidewalk had a snowy sprinkling upon them, though the sidewalks were simply wet.

It made me *so* thankful that our menfolk harvested two full bins of apples on Saturday, before the snow. Quite likely apple harvest season could be over for us if the storm ruined what apples remain on our generous friends' trees, though apple season does continue in my homestead kitchen!

The sun is shining today and little remains of the snow of the weekend. Just a bit in the yard, not even enough to roll up a snowman. And the surrounding pastures - even the higher elevations of this mountain - have regained a look that speaks more of autumn than winter.

And I don't know whether the weather prompted it or not, but we were blessed to see one of my *favorite* rural occurrences down on the county road this morning. A cattle drive! These cows were so cooperative and softly moo-ed to one another and calmly walked right up the road as the cowboys followed on horses.

I love the simple pleasures of a simple life. 💕


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