October 24, 2018

Autumn at the Creek

How lovely it always is when we decide to take a break from the chores and tasks of the home and barnyard to spend some relaxing moments at the creek. So as I do what I can to keep up with the many things that are clamoring for my time and attention in the middle of this bustling week, I am thankful to savor the memory of the moments our tribe played there together last weekend.

Traditionally, we explore the pasture and creek side wilds and splash in the water and look for signs of autumn when we visit our creek in October. We did all of that... and Jack did his share of creek wading as usual. That dog of ours loves the creek as much as we do. Maybe even more!

And just before we headed back up the hill to our house, the moon made an early evening appearance in the clear blue sky. It was so serene to watch it slowly rise and peek at us between the yellow leaves that yet hang onto the creek side trees and bushes.


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