October 17, 2018

Around the Farm

So many crafty happenings around here lately, yes? And that is very good... I love writing about and sharing the things we make and do at our place. {smile}

But since I have *another* craft post to share with you tomorrow, Lord willing, (it is my finished crocheted shawl *squee!*) I thought that today I would show you some of the critter pics I took yesterday.

Let's go!

I was gazing out the kitchen window - waiting for my bread to finish up in the oven - and looked out at just the right time to see my cow-friend Matilda plop herself down in a nearby spot for her afternoon rest. So as soon as my bread was out of the oven and set aside to cool, I grabbed my camera and hiked up to spend some time with her.

The rest of my tribe played with Jack in the yard... that yellow Labrador of mine and Matilda are pretty good friends, but I didn't want Jack to tag along and perhaps nudge Matilda up from her lounging place.

I love it when Matilda rests in this spot. I can watch her from the house and quickly dash out to give her an apple and a pat on the head. And she is *so* calm and peaceful when she is in her cud-chewing daze... it must be her happy place.

And Matilda's Shadow is looking so good... hard to believe this miniature horse is over thirty years old! Shadow really is Matilda's shadow... she follows Matilda *everywhere.*

Here is one of my eight remaining chickens, heading out to join the others for an afternoon peckabout in the barnyard. Our little flock is getting older, but these ladies still lay large-and-lovely brown shelled eggs fairly regularly.

I stopped to tend to our ducks on the way to the goats' area. And they were quacking and splashing and having a good time, as ducks are known to do around here. But every single picture I took of them was too blurry to share... oops!

And Clementine.

If someone asked me to guess where Clementine is on any afternoon, I would not hesitate to predict that she is lounging on the base of her spool, basking in the sunshine. This is her favorite spot.

I can't blame her for claiming the spot as her own. I have been on top of that spool and the view is lovely... it overlooks the house and the yard and the barnyard. She can see the back pasture and the front pasture and the amazing view for miles around.  Smart goat, that Clementine.

And so fluffy and soft! Not to mention she is blessed to smell like a goat (ha!) which I do believe is one of the best smells ever.

And here is a surprise for you... our budgies! Perhaps a peek at these two indoor critters of our farm will make up for the lack of duck pictures? {smile}

Wishing you a lovely day~

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