A Grateful Heart

We are celebrating a birthday on this Friday at our place. One of our four boys is seventeen years old today! I am so often wondering to myself as I hug this son of mine who has grown to be six inches taller than I am ... (and I am pretty tall at 5'9") ... how did my baby boy grow up so fast?

We have a good relationship, we enjoy comfortable conversations about any and every topic, and I treasure these days as I have learned through experience that time will continue to fly by all too quickly. So I am especially mindful to abide in the moment at hand during this homeschooling and homesteading season that blesses us with much togetherness. Time does indeed march on.

But today he is seventeen and he let me bake him a candy covered purple caterpillar birthday cake...

Sweet, yes? {smile}

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week ~

Something new. I usually bake our bread with a combination of all-purpose unbleached flour and home-ground whole wheat flour. But last time I was at the store, I bought bread flour instead of all-purpose. I haven't used bread flour in my recipe for a long time. Oh, how springy and light my bread has been! Perhaps after more than twenty-five years of baking all of our bread, I will make the switch to a new combination of half whole-wheat and half bread flour for our daily bread. Always learning, I am!

Golden eagle. As I was walking outdoors yesterday afternoon, a golden eagle flew over our homestead and circled the area for a bit. It was enormous and graceful and beautiful to watch. What a blessing!

Cotton yarn. My dear hubby picked up another skein of cotton yarn for me at our local store this week. I had been concerned I would run out before I finished the dishcloth I am making (in spite of how quickly I was knitting - ha!) and he surprised me by picking up another skein. So sweet!

Good timing. Our daughter was able to leave work a bit early and discovered that she had two flat tires on her vehicle. It was during business hours *and* her dad was able to help her get to the tire shop to get the flats fixed. If she had finished her scheduled shift the tire shop would have been closed for the day before she realized her dilemma.

Encouragement. I am so thankful for the encouragement of body positive quotes and self-accepting ladies who have (like me) overcome food and fitness issues and walked away from diet culture for good! And for the encouragement of other Christian wives and mamas that value a simple and quiet stay-at-homestead life. And especially, for the encouragement and teachings of online sermons by conservative like-minded pastors who faithfully direct my heart to Jesus. I do enjoy being a wallflower {smile} but all flowers do need watered (encouraged!) regularly in order to thrive!

Well, I must skedaddle and have a big piece of purple birthday cake with my boy. I wish you much gratitude where you are, friends.


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