Thrift Store Finds

What a delightful place it is that I find my inner self abiding in these days. The sunshine of Christ's love is flourishing in my life and it does indeed bring with it a peace and joy that is beyond understanding because it has nothing to do with anything but Jesus. Outward circumstances, good or bad, can't affect it a bit!

I missed that unshakable peace in the many years that I struggled with an eating disorder... and as I am now celebrating ten months without those self-imposed shackles, I am happy to glorify the Lord for my recovery and for the joy and peace that truly knowing and loving and walking with Jesus brings.

What does all of that have to do with thrift store shopping, you may be wondering?

Everything, for me. It means that for the first time in years, my size is stable and I dress according to my own tastes and convictions and my hubby's preferences. I don't need clothes in every size from 2 to 22 anymore. I don't want trendy things or jeans.

I began my ed recovery and adapted it along the way as I wish to go on and end... as a girl who eats anything and everything without rules or restrictions and has a love for body positive fun fitness activities... and my body eventually returned to its happy place and has been here for long enough for me to have confidence that this is where it will stay.

And I can finally begin thrifting and making for myself a lasting wardrobe of clothes that I love!

Almost all of my clothes and many of the things the rest of my tribe wears are either second-hand or handmade. We just prefer it... though knowing that we are saving lots of money, recycling, and supporting our community by shopping at our local thrift store are lovely details of our choice. And this mama does love to knit and crochet and sew. {smile}

Last weekend, we had an especially fruitful thrift store shopping day. Sometimes I will find one or two items that we want or need, sometimes nothing... but last weekend we spent around fifty dollars and filled two large bags with thrifted treasures!

The kids picked out these things among them...
5 blouses, 1 pair winter gloves, 2 pairs of new shoes, a dress, a winter coat, a light jacket, 2 cute tops, 3 jeans, snow pants, snow boots, plus 2 new toys and a book about a topic that is one of our boy's special interests! All of the clothes were name brand items, too.

And for me...
A long denim jumper with pockets. Yes! In exactly my size! I was so thrilled... I caught a glimpse of it on the plus size rack and when I saw it was my size I literally jumped up and down. It's true! I haven't had a denim jumper for years and putting it on felt amazing.

I also got a long denim skirt, 3 cute tops, a peasant blouse, and a winter coat. I tend to wear shawls and wraps quite often in the winter time, but an actual coat will be handy for when I do chores or go for a snowshoe walkabout.

A pretty decent thrift shopping day, yes? *Squee!*

I have a couple of recent outfit pictures that my daughter took of me. Every item of clothing in both pictures was bought at our thrift store or given to us in a bag of hand-me-downs.

:: my thrifty modest style ::
The skirt, top, undershirt, and even my flip-flops are second-hand. I *love* this top... oh, and this is my current favorite way to wear my headcovering.

:: my thrifty modest style ::
And this was a comfy outfit. My daughter passed the sweater along to me, another of my girls passed the undershirt along to me, and the skirt is from our local thrift store. Same flip-flops. And I wore my hair down under my covering on this day, which my dear hubby really likes.

I tossed or donated all of the items that were in my wardrobe that no longer fit my size or style, and it felt *fantastic* to do that. I don't even own a pair of pants or anything that is too big or too small or that I don't love. And how I look forward to putting together a modest wardrobe in my happy size that reflects my personal tastes and thrifty style. It's going to be fun!


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