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I was so excited to share with you last week the recent thrift store finds I was blessed to discover. Our children found quite a few things that they wanted and I finally happened upon some clothing items in my happy-size and style. Yes!

It is rare for me to find plus-size clothes or even sewing patterns that fit my body in the way I prefer *and* also fit my eclectic modest style, so to discover such things second-hand truly inspired me to do a happy dance. Right there in the thrift store.

And over the weekend, I put together a cute and modest thrifty outfit with a top and skirt from those recent finds.

This entire outfit was purchased second-hand, except for my headcovering. I really like this style of top, it is cotton and loose-fitting with a button front. And the denim skirt is just right for me in every way, I love it!

Before we left the homestead, I decided to also wear the crocheted vest that I made for myself last autumn. It was a crisp fall day and perfect for a cozy handmade vest. With flip-flops, for now. Ha!

I liked my thrifty outfit. It felt like me, if you know what I mean. {smile}

Writing this post and sharing these images has brought on a feeling of nostalgia and thankfulness. It took me back to a time twenty years ago, when I first felt the niggling to begin wearing skirts and dresses exclusively. I remember how nervous I was to make such a noticeable outward change, and how the occasional comment or article suggesting that such convictions are prideful legalism stung my soul.

And I remembered the first time I wore a headcovering. With my dear hubby's blessing, it was and is my heart's delight to obey the New Testament principle of covering even though many (most?) Christian ladies do not choose to cover these days.

Do I wear dresses and headcoverings pridefully?... no and no! I wish people could understand that legalism is an attitude, not an action. But it is up to the Lord to open the eyes of understanding, it isn't for me to worry about.

So, after years of unsolicited fashion advice from others {smile} and going back and forth between dresses and pants so as not to offend anyone, it feels amazing to have the Christ-based confidence and the stable size and the body positive mindset to fill my wardrobe with what I love to wear! To dress according to my very own tastes and Bible-based convictions and my own dear hubby's preferences.

And I feel happy for those who may just now be contemplating their own modesty standards and convictions in response to Bible mandates... modesty isn't about rules, it is an outward expression of a transformed heart. A heart that isn't following the world or even another believer's rules, but a heart that listens to the Lord.

One of the perks, perhaps, of this current culture is that it seems rather easy to express oneself! But I want to not only be myself, I want to be all that God created me to be. The authentic person that the risen Jesus died to save!

As for me, thrifty and handmade is working quite well with my choice to homestead in a skirt. And I am quite convinced that my personal style preferences and convictions will not be swayed by anyone but the Lord.



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