September 13, 2018

Milk and Honey Artisan Bread

I recently mentioned that I have been dabbling in the craft of artisan bread baking. I am enjoying it and finding it to be an interesting creative outlet... and it is bringing new excitement to the twice-a-week or more bread bakes that I already do to keep homemade bread on the table for this large tribe of mine.

Yesterday, I had the time and ingredients to experiment with a new bread recipe that I have been thinking of testing... a white flour yeast bread made with milk, honey, and our farm produced eggs. The bread was delicious and I was pleased because I am a bit out of practice in making bread with white flour. I usually make whole wheat sourdough bread.

And prior to this artisan loaf, I was using a knife to score the top of my craft bread. But for this loaf, I used a lame and achieved a much more precise cut into the dough surface. The pattern is just my attempt at being artsy. After scoring and before baking, I dabbed the top of the loaf with a beaten egg white to give it that lovely brown color.

I thought it came out pretty nice. I was happy with the shape of the finished loaf... I am learning to shape the dough so it doesn't spread out too much on the sheet as it bakes. And the bread was yummy... Lord willing, I will get my milk and honey recipe tested and tweaked to share with you soon!

But for today, I just wanted to show you this artisan loaf. It's one of my first attempts at what is proving to be a fascinating and creative and tasty new hobby for me. {smile}


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