Makings and Doings

Though September has only just begun, our big family's fall rhythm and routines are fully underway. Around here, the last bits of summer and beginning of fall includes the excitement of a new homeschool year, lots of time in the out-of-doors, trips to the creek, and a variety of crafting and seasonal food projects!

Good stuff, all of that. Those are the activities and endeavors that anchor our hearts to September each year. And recent days have found us busy about just those things.

I took my current crochet project along with me on one of our recent excursions to our stretch of creek. Even though our children and Jack keep me quite busy and entertained in that favorite place of ours, I try to do at least a row or two on my shawl whenever we are there. I like stitching bits of the happiness I feel at the creek into my projects.

Our children have always loved our creek. It is our stay-at-homestead getaway place. Away from the chores and tasks of the farm. Away from the screens and distractions of this modern day. A wonderful place to simply be.

This son of ours was quite fond of the chokecherry syrup I made recently and volunteered to pick more chokecherries for me to make another batch. {smile}

Many of the creek side trees and bushes are beginning to don their fall colors. The light has shifted, there is a subtle crispness in the air. Quite lovely, I think. There is something about spending time in nature - surrounded by God's glorious creation - that refreshes my soul like nothing else.

I love being outside in all kinds of weather, but these late summer days are especially wonderful to me. Time in nature makes me smile from the inside out. It is a very lovely and rather difficult to explain occurrence, but I do indeed feel that internal smile in the beautiful outdoors.

Jack *loves* the creek. Jack *loves* everything. Jack *loves* life. He is a good teacher, that Jack.

Here is a glimpse at one of our usual secluded hangouts. It is a shallow spot, perfect for wading and sculpin seeking and clay gathering. The clay soil of this spot shapes and sculpts wonderfully into all kinds of artsy things that hold their shape when they dry.

I haven't yet done it, but I have considered making ornaments for our Christmas tree from that homegrown clay.

My boy picked the chokecherries. Now it's Mama's turn to fulfill the rest of the agreement and make some more syrup!

And look at this blessing! Some kind and generous friends of ours shared their apple harvest with us. I have been making applesauce this week with these homegrown organic apples, and both apple pie and apple crisp are included on my upcoming menu plan.

It has been a good beginning to this new month. A lovely mix of work and play, of getting things done and choosing to enjoy whatever each moment brings my way. I love the word abiding... it is such a cozy and contented word. And abiding in Christ while busy at home is exactly what I am doing today. And every day.


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