In My Homestead Kitchen

Whew! It has been a bustling week in my kitchen! I have been cooking and baking even more than usual. Such a whirlwind of activity and stained hands (from the chokecherries) and dirty dishes it has been!

And then this tribe of mine still expects to eat dinner? Oh, yes... there is that to make, too!

Such a blessing it is, the sudden bounty of food I have to make into so many yummy things. I made chokecherry syrup last week and that was quickly eaten up. I am making more today... so thankful that we have plenty of ripe-and-ready chokecherries on this mountainside because I was so caught up in this morning's family read-aloud time and art appreciation lesson that I let the simmering chokecherries scorch. They were too burned to save. Oh dear!

The older boys took a bucket to our patch of bushes and soon returned with enough chokecherries for me to start another batch. I did *not* repeat my earlier foible and now we have four pints of yummy syrup cooling on the counter. Such a relief... I need one of those pints to go with tonight's pancakes.

I am also working my way through the beautiful apples that we were given. I made another large kettle of applesauce earlier today, and decided to add some extra sugar and some ground cinnamon and ground cloves to it. That mix is simmering on the stove top now - I am watching it carefully and stirring it often - and cooking down to a thick and spicy apple butter. Oh, it does smell *amazing* around here right now.

And to my family's delight, I have been baking different kinds of bread lately. My standard twice-a-week bread baking has been whole wheat sourdough, or light wheat sourdough, for quite some time. My sourdough starter Ralph and I have become good baking buddies over these past several years.

But about the time I started experimenting with artisan bread baking recently, I felt inspired to resume baking some of the kinds of breads I used to make more often but haven't for awhile. Like basic white bread and my hubby's favorite honey wheat bread... so yummy! It feels good to get back to those familiar recipes. They are kind of like old friends.

I think homemade honey wheat bread toasted and spread with homemade apple butter sounds quite delicious. Yes? And so I should go and give that simmering apple butter another stir...

Wishing you a lovely day~

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