First Weekend of Autumn

We have enjoyed regular hikes to the bottom pasture of our homestead recently. It is a favorite place of ours, especially this time of the year when the creekside trees and bushes boast the colors of fall and the creek itself is but a few inches deep in most places and perfect for wading and splashing and exploring.

There is a certain place along the bank of the creek where the mud is absolutely clay-like. It molds easily and holds its shape so well. Our boys collect it and make wee balls that harden into perfect practice ammunition for their slingshots. It is a frugal and sustainable endeavor that they came up with on their own. {smile}

And last week, we gathered another bucket of the creekside clay-mud to craft into some heart shaped ornaments for our Christmas tree and to use for a homeschool art project.

All of us worked together on the hearts. We fashioned a heart shaped template from cardboard so our ornaments would all be the same size.

As they dried, I poked a hole in each one with a straw so I can add a hanging ribbon later. And we smoothed the sides a bit to keep them neat looking.

Isn't the clay-like mud wonderful? What a blessing to have discovered it for our rustic makings and craftings.

Here is a disk of the clay all patted out flat with the heart template on top.

Did I mention that I had a 22-pound turkey in the roaster oven while the family crafty-ness was taking place on the deck? It was done at just about the same time we were... and it was delicious!

After we made some heart ornaments, our children each made a bowl with the clay. We have been studying clay sculptures in our homeschool and they had fun making their own artsy projects.

We put a few of our goats out on the grass of the barnyard for awhile on Saturday afternoon. Heidi was happy to nibble and wander and she always stays close to her herd sisters.

And there was just enough of a breeze for me to get the day's laundry dried in no time.

The slight breeze didn't dampen our enthusiasm for archery practice. Our oldest at-home daughter had to work, but the rest of us took some practice shots at our target from various distances.

My dear hubby and our teen boys use compound bows. The rest of us prefer to use either a long bow or a recurve bow... my hubby has a nice collection of archery equipment after his many years of interest and participation in the sport. How blessed we are that he is sharing his skills and knowledge with the rest of us!

We are all having a great time with it. Most especially my dear hubby, I think.

As we returned home from some time in town on Sunday we stopped to admire the colors of fall that have taken over the foothills of the beautiful mountain that we call home. Ahhhh.... Autumn. So lovely!

And amongst the doings of Sunday, I took the time to stitch a bit on my poppy cross-stitch sampler kit. It mostly gathered dust over the summer, I admit. But there is such a homemade feeling about fall that infuses me with a palpable *need* to craft and cook and bake and create. Even more than usual.

So I anticipate regular progress being made on my poppies!

Autumn began in a crafty and cozy and beautiful way on our happy gentle homestead. I do hope the first weekend of fall was a good one for you, too.


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