End of September on the Homestead

It is the most wonderful time of the year, in my opinion. I truly do love all four seasons, but if I had to put them in order starting with the one I love the *most* my list would start with autumn. It is such a cozy, home-y time of the year on our homestead.

Our summer homesteading projects and our winter preps are complete, so autumn is mostly a season of school and everyday chores and making things, as we begin to prepare for the upcoming birthdays and holidays and discuss the things we hope to accomplish around the home and homestead over the wintry months to come.

The family hunters will soon go hunting and we pray they will successfully fill their tags and our freezers will fill up with wild game meat. What a blessing that would be! One thing I really hope to get back into is building and maintaining a food storage stockpile for our large tribe. It was so much easier back when we had one... but it was gradually used up and I haven't yet been able to rebuild it. A priority, for sure!

The creek looks especially beautiful this time of the year. We spent several joyful moments relaxing creekside in September. The leaves are falling from the bushes and the trees and blanketing the pasture along the creek's banks. We picked some of our wild chokecherries when they were ripe and I made chokecherry syrup and put a few gallons of chokecherries in the freezer.

And the colorful trees along the creek are especially beautiful from above, when looking down from our hilltop farmhouse vantage point. The colors of this mountain in September are glorious.

A very few vigorous wildflowers are still thriving in the pastures. Our night time temperatures have dipped into the 30's (F) recently so they may not have much time left. I liked the way this blossom appears to be growing from the rock... in fact, the wildflower's stem is simply bent to the side in that direction. {smile}

I am beginning to yearn for more goats! More and more with each passing month, it seems. I miss our days of milking and the convenience of producing some of our own dairy products on our farm. Our current goats have always simply been pets and companion animals, we likely won't ever milk them, but I am praying that the Lord has more dairy animals in mind for our homestead one day soon!

My cow-friend Matilda has had a good month of wandering the back pasture and grazing with her miniature horse friend, Shadow. Both of them love the current abundance of apples and apple cores coming their way. Matilda is getting the beginnings of her dark and shaggy winter coat. She looks good!

Our eight remaining hens are doing an amazing job of laying enough eggs for my baking. And we get a duck egg upon occasion, too. Farm fresh eggs are the best, I think.

September was a month of apples. We made lots and lots of applesauce and other apple goodies at the beginning of the month, and then we were blessed with more apples earlier this week and even more today. Apple days continue in my homestead kitchen! Thankfully, my children like to help with some of the prep work.

We work together. We laugh a lot. We get it done. And it's a lot of fun.

Finally, I have a lovely orange sunset to share with you. Isn't it pretty? Sunsets always make me feel thankful for our simple life and the many blessings we enjoy on our big family's mountainside homestead. And autumn sunsets usually occur at just about the time that we finish our evening chores and the work of the day is behind us... we can take a few moments to be still and admire their beauty.

And in to October we go, friends~

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