Eleven Months Old

The puppy days are coming to an official end around here. My sweet Jack is now eleven months old and looks quite grown up... although he will still fill out a bit and get a little taller, likely. I can hardly believe that this furry bundle of energy that bounded into our hearts and lives last Christmas has but one more month before his first birthday!

Jack still loves his ball more than anything else. Most especially his newer one... though they are exactly the same, he can tell them apart. He brings it to us, he plays with it by himself. He chases it down and brings it back, though getting him to actually give it up is still best achieved with a treat to offer in trade. {smile}

Jack often bounces his ball on the ground and then catches it. Or tosses it up out of his mouth and catches it. And when he wants to play with one of us he will sometimes toss his ball out of his mouth to us. I am going to work with him until we can play catch together... I toss it to him and then he tosses it back. Since he is naturally starting to do that already, I think it might be something he can learn.

Jack is not an early riser. He gets up when my hubby and I do, goes outside for a minute and then has his daily peanut butter. {smile} But then he always naps while my dear hubby and I have our morning coffee. I guess he must have figured out that once the kids get up and our happy-busy day begins he will be go, go, going until bedtime.

And oh does he love our creek. He gets in the water and splashes with the kids and explores the bank and pasture. We have been going down there regularly and Jack seems to know what the word "creek" means now. He absolutely knows that when I get his harness we are going to go outside and have some fun!

I've always been *so* thankful for the year-round creek on our property... it is a favorite place to hang out for our whole tribe, including Jack.

We have had a few fires in our wood stove already this season. It took Jack no time at all to figure out that napping next to the cozy fire is bliss.

And another picture of my napping pup. It appears as though all this dog does is sleep... not true, not true I assure you! He is usually so active that I can't get a non-blurry image, ha! It is much easier to photograph a sleeping Jack, for sure.

Jack Kelly (that is his full name... he is named for the character in the Broadway play "Newsies") is loyal, protective, sweet, smart, silly, and a very good listener to my every thought. {smile} He gives kisses and spends much of his time by my side. What a friend he is. I love this dog so much!


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