Archery Season

It is archery season in our neck of the woods and a palpable feeling of autumn is upon us. That combination prompted my dear hubby to set up his archery target over the weekend for some practice time.

And all of our children were interested in some archery lessons. The older boys are archers already, and simply wanted to practice. But all of our girls, and our youngest boy, were eager to receive their first instruction in archery safety and technique from their very experienced and long-time archery enthusiast daddy. 

Such a blessing it is to pass along this old fashioned skill to our children. We want to give them a plethora of homeschool memories and experiences to draw from as they form their own hobbies and special interests. And archery class was quite a fun thing to add to our eclectic homeschool mix.

All of the girls had a fantastic time, as did our boys. It was a time of big bonding for our big tribe. {smile} Enjoying the wide open space of our homestead in the fresh air, wild and free as can be. *Bliss!*

Then it was Mama's turn. My dear hubby taught me to shoot a bow when our oldest children were young, but I haven't shot since then. And that was twenty-five years ago. So nobody was more surprised than I was when I made several good hits on the target!

We all had such a good time. I think it is safe to say that we are adding archery practice to the ever-growing list of activities that our large tribe enjoys doing together. 

We were outdoors quite a bit over the weekend, besides our archery target practice. Our youngest boy had a homeschool art assignment to make a sculpture from natural materials. He used some clay from the creek and a rock and some wildflowers to make a unique and pretty piece.

And while some of us worked on outdoor projects... like tractor repair and maintenance... my helpers and I continued to process and put up apples. I made the apple pie I had planned for family fun night...

I also made another large batch of applesauce and an apple cake that was delicious!

All of these apple projects are generating piles of cores and peelings for our critters. Matilda knows it is apple season. Do you see the wee bit of froth on her lower lip? That's because she knew we had a treat for her. That best cow-friend of mine *adores* apples.

As Matilda munched her cores, a few of our chickens ran off with some of the strings of apple peelings made by my apple peeler. It was so funny, they looked as though they were running about with spaghetti hanging from their beaks. Ha!

I do hope you had a lovely weekend at your place as well, wherever that may be... and I wish you a wonderful start to your week.


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