A Grateful Heart

:: homemade bread and friend-grown squash ::
It seems trite to begin so many of my grateful heart posts by proclaiming how quickly time flies by. But I know that I am not the only one that notices how quickly the days seem to whiz past sometimes.

Our boy with an October birthday announced, "One month until my birthday!" one day this week. First of all, I can hardly believe that the boy who gave my dear hubby and me the surprise experience of an unassisted home birth when he was born is going to be seventeen already.

The home birth was planned, but the unassisted part was not. Our midwife did not arrive until several minutes after our precious baby boy was born. Was that memorable, joyful, wonderful event really seventeen years ago? Oh my.

And, since his end-of-October birthday commences the holiday season including a plethora of family birthdays at our house, wow! I guess I had better get busy if I am going to achieve my hope of handcrafting a few of my Christmas gifts this year!

But, I am not going to run ahead of myself too much. This is the moment at hand, the one I choose to abide in... and here are a few snippets of my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Julian ::
:: baby superworms ::
 :: Julian the Pacman frog. Isn't he adorable? He belongs to one of our boys, the one who is about to have his birthday, in fact. Our son is experimenting with growing his own frog food and has successfully hatched superworms in a habitat that he made for such a purpose. He let some purchased superworms mature to become beetles. The beetles bred and their eggs hatched. So exciting!

:: Pretty flowers from my girl. Such happiness in an adorable mug! We are all adjusting to her work schedule and we are thankful for her job and that she is transitioning so well into this new stage of life. She and I are both grateful that she plans to live at home for some time to save money and pray for direction for her future.

:: what a blessing! ::
:: More apples. And another generous friend gave us some extra squash from their garden this week. These apples are from the same tree that our previous homegrown apples came from, but they are noticeably sweeter than they were those few weeks ago. So I am making more applesauce and pies and cakes and my well-fed family is pretty happy about all of the homemade goodies coming out of the kitchen these days.

:: Laminin. My children and I learned today, in our eclectic homeschooling endeavors, that our cells are held together by a protein that is shaped like a cross. We looked at some online images of laminin molecules and marveled at the truth that itty-bitty crosses literally hold us together. It thrills me to learn that even our inner workings point to Jesus! God is so good. I love homeschooling.

Well, I need to get today's gallons of homemade applesauce ready for the freezer and see if the apple cinnamon cake I made (just like this one) for family fun night is ready to come out of the pan. But I will be back here tomorrow, Lord willing, to share with you my traditional end of the month on the homestead post.

Wishing you much gratitude, friends!

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