A Grateful Heart

:: enjoying the creek ::
Happy Friday to you! It has been such a full week around here with nary a dull moment to figure out what day it even is since my dear hubby had Labor Day off from work, giving us a three-day weekend to enjoy.

The majority of my time this week has been spent in the kitchen as I am working to use and preserve the bounty of friend-grown apples we were given and the wild chokecherries we continue to harvest on our homestead.

I have so far made eight pints of chokecherry syrup and two gallons of applesauce. I made a batch of apple butter with one of those gallons of applesauce and it is delicious! Next, I am planning to make apple pie and apple crisp, prepare some apple slices for the freezer, and then make more applesauce with any remaining apples.

And I have two gallons of chokecherries in the freezer to make into jelly or syrup later. I would like to continue the harvest, and we likely will as they are abundant and perfectly ripe right now. This is a good year for chokecherries at our place!

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: My first 5K trail run. It was challenging and fun and I loved it! I run for the way it makes me feel... strong, happy, thankful, proud. I run in a skirt on the trails of our homestead with my dog at my side and my cow looking on.

I don't run to lose weight, I am quite pleased with my ample size and shape just as it is. I don't run so I can eat what I want - I don't believe in earning food by exercising and I abhor diet culture. I don't run to compete or compare my running with anyone else, though I love cheering others on in their own running endeavors. I just run for me. {smile}

:: First job. Our stay-at-home daughter is about to begin her first job! I am excited for her and we are gearing up for another adjustment in our family rhythm.

I know I will miss her constant presence in my day... yes, her help and assistance are a blessing to me, but even more than that she is my friend. We talk about everything, we share many of the same interests, and we laugh. So yeah, I am a wee bit sad about this good and necessary change... but I *know* she will thrive and be amazing and we are very proud of her. And I will adjust because it's what we mamas do, right?

:: Finding time. As full as life is in this season, I try to not let things get chaotic or overwhelming in my day. Leaning on Jesus is *the* key, of course... and the tools of mindfulness and prioritizing are helpful to me. There simply is not enough time in the day to do *everything* and I am learning to do the best thing and the next thing and to rest at the feet of the Lord.

How lovely to no longer be a perfectionist!

Even without a single hobby, there would be more than enough in our big family's homemade and homesteading and homeschooling lifestyle to prevent me from ever getting bored.

And my hobbies and interests are plentiful! But I can't do all of them every day, or even very often. I have had to learn to be patient with my progress in things like hoopdancing and learning the Hebrew language, for example. To not be so concerned with progress, and to simply enjoy the process of learning and doing. To let those streaks of achievement go.

So this week, I am thankful that amidst our happy-busy everyday life, I was able to work on a hoopdance flow that I have been putting together for awhile. And I delved back into my Hebrew studies a bit. I mostly reviewed words that I have already learned, but it was fun to dust the cobwebs off of my brain. My tech savvy girl helped me figure out how to use the Hebrew keyboard on my phone, so I can use my language learning apps more conveniently.

Speaking of priorities, I need to scoot if I am going to make bread and apple pie today... Thank you for taking a few moments out of *your* day to visit me here. I wish you much gratitude, friends.


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