August 29, 2018

Winter Preps :: Firewood

We began heating our home almost exclusively with wood about nine years ago. I remember trying to discreetly nurse our daughter who was but a wee babe at the time as the workers were in-and-out of our home installing our wood stove. That baby girl is nine years old now and that is how I know how long we have been heating our little house with wood. {smile}

Only a few times each year do we use our back-up propane furnace just to keep it maintained and in good repair. One winter with our wood stove was all we needed to convince us that it is a much better and cozier and thriftier option for us than a furnace.

We used to hike into the woods and harvest our own firewood and bring it home to cut up and split. But for the past several years, we have instead ordered a four cord truck load or two of Douglas fir slab wood.

The slab wood has been such a blessing! It is mostly already cut to the length we need for our stove and not much of it needs to be split. It burns really well for us. It is a frugal option that saves us a lot of time and it recycles wood remnants that, as far as I know, wouldn't have another purpose. So it feels like a pretty good choice for us for lots of reasons!

This year, we only needed one four cord sized load of wood to add to our firewood stack to supplement what we already had. We like to keep about seven cords on hand for preparedness purposes, but we usually only burn about half of that through the cold months.

And now our firewood is here and stacked and ready for us when we need it! I anticipate simmering pots of soups and stews upon our wood stove... cozy evenings crafting by the fire... warm and comfy family movie nights... and my freshly washed laundry drying on a rack nearby... soon and very soon!


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