What a Year

It was a year ago today that I felt prompted to resume blogging. I do find joy in sharing snippets of myself and glimpses of our large family's simple homesteading life in this space. And I am pleased that today I am still enthusiastic about it all as I type post number 503 at the beginning of this blog's second year.

Yes, 503! Added to this blog's 219 posts are the 178 posts I wrote this past year on Run Hoop Julie (which will celebrate its blog-anniversary in a week) and the 106 posts on Images of a Happy Gentle Life (my photography focused space on the blogosphere that I began last February).

I do like to write, I guess. {smile} Thank you so much for joining me in those places and this one, my sweet blog friends.

There have been many, many wonderful days and memories made in this past year. And difficulties and challenges, too. I've shared my heart and thoughts and recipes and adventures with the world. I've focused on the positive, as much as possible. I hope my blogs are a tool that God is using to shape me into all that He created me to be. They do indeed remind me to be thankful and present in my day.

Mostly, I am pleased that writing in this space and the others has developed in me the courage to be myself and what I like to think of as the superpower of authenticity. I am far from perfect, I would rather be real. Real is good. Perfect is over-rated.

As I think about homesteading, I am still excited. This summer has been one of refreshing and renewal around here... of sprucing up, of discussing our homestead hopes and dreams that remain after these many years on our land.

I want to return to some of the habits of our earlier years on the farm... to increase our self-sufficiency a bit and also just because we find it a very rewarding way of life. Simple living, thrift and frugality, made from scratch, natural and crafty and earthy. The animals on our farm sanctuary are getting older and we have been discussing just what kind of critters we want to add to our place next. We want to get more goats, for sure!

And I have an announcement to make.

After an almost three year plant-based vegan journey with all kinds of ups-and-downs, I am not going to live a vegan lifestyle anymore. This is a well thought out and prayed about decision and I am just going to leave it there without excuses. My vegan story has come to its final end. I want to be a girl who eats everything without rules or labels. I'm sure many of my vegan tendencies and habits and preferences will remain and I have great respect for the lifestyle, but I am no longer vegan.

Right now, our homestead is a farm sanctuary and these animals will live out their natural lives with us, Lord willing. I am using our surplus chicken and duck eggs for baking and eating, I want to milk goats again and make cheese and yogurt... but I do not know what the future holds for us in our barnyard.

I love animals, I want to always have lots of them around whether it be a rescue situation or another purpose... I trust God and my dear hubby's leading in those decisions. And in everything else. {smile}

Thank you for coming by my blog today friends. What a year it has been! And into the next one we go, with joyful authenticity and hearts that trust the Lord...

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