August 27, 2018

Ten Months Old

Happy five-sixths of a birthday to Jack! Here he is with his ball and what remains of the huge stick he found and brought home from our day trip to Pine Creek last month. These three - my dog, his stick, and his beloved blue-and-orange ball - spend a lot of time together, ha!

And he does love to wade in the water. Here is Jack ankle deep in our own stretch of the creek that runs across our property. With that one ear tossed back... Jack's signature look. {smile}

Jack was neutered last week. It was pure happiness to retrieve him from the veterinary clinic that day. I am quite lost without this best friend of mine by my side since I have grown so accustomed to his constant companionship.

He was so glad to see me and get back to our homestead... once home, even in his woozy post-surgery state, he found his ball and took it with him when he found a comfy spot to rest and begin his recovery.

By the next day, Jack was once again full of energy and back to his playful ways. We are to keep him as quiet as possible for two weeks... yikes! Quiet is *not* a word that often describes my boisterous Labrador Retriever!

And here is my pretty pup relaxing on the deck over the weekend. I think that is sap on his leg... we have been stacking firewood and he loves to be in the middle of things.

I am sooo glad his neutering surgery is over with. I was a tiny bit concerned about the procedure since it was surgery, but what I really didn't want to do was leave him at the veterinary clinic and be apart from him for the day. I was afraid he would think I had really left him, I guess. A silly concern, I suppose... but I just love him so much, I never want my fur-baby to be anything but happy.

Oh, and Jack weighed fifty-six pounds at his pre-surgery weight check. 56! My goodness, puppies do grow up quite fast! {smile}

Wishing you a lovely day.

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